In the name of the Vampire

(Copyright by Dame)

I shall bring some music, he said. To be more relaxed, he said. Damned! I
cannot find my cellphone. Do I look good today? I have to hurry. I am late!

As soon as I realize the single shack behind the grey house is his studio I
feel uncomfortable. Noone would hear my cries if... In the name of the
Vampire I ring the bell.

"Wanna have something to drink? Champagne maybe? Or coffee?", he asks.
"Thank you. Coffee is fine."
"Milk or sugar?"
"Milk and sugar please."

I don't know why, maybe it's because he looks as spent as people in their
forties look who smoke too much and eat cheap food - he has something
repulsive. Ah well, we don't have to marry.

He talks about his life, his experiences, his work and shows me some books
including his fetish-art. I feign interest. I already knew his pics are
good, he is not a nobody. I hate myself for being here.

"Did you bring some music?"
"Yes I did. And the shoes and the leather outfit and the whip. Know what, I
get undressed and then we start."

He smiles lewdly and takes some ropes. "Your boobs are great." Did anyone
ask for a judgement? He ties me up and I stop thinking. It's of no use
anyway when you are halfnaked and can't move.

He turnes me around, takes pictures. Helps me getting up, takes pictures.
Changes the light and takes pictures. My hands are cold. I doubt I ever
listen to that music again.

"Would you mind me doing something with your hair?"
"Why not", I say. He puts the camera aside and comes over to bandage the
pigtail he made and the eyes as well. My arms go asleep. I am blind!

His hands are all over my body. Is it good for the result when the
photographer gropes the model? And when did he actually take the last

He tries to open the button of my trousers. I hear him whisper "I would like
to fuck you now".
I have enough. "Too bad, 'cause I don't want to fuck you."
"Maybe next time?"
He must be nuts!

And I'd rather be dead than supporting his fetish-vampire-project in my mag.

October, 4th, 2003

One of 18 Angels
By Diary of Dreams