Red red wine

(Copyright by Dame)

"My girlfriend is back home now. What do you think of having dinner?" I'm
annoyed. I pick him up.

"Right over there's a Irish Pub. Wanna go there?"
"No", I shake my head. "You are in Germany. We go to something German."

"Wanna have some wine?"
"Red or white?"
"Great. I take red wine, too."

We eat minestrone, minestrone with cheese. I pick at the food - cannot eat a
bite. I am nervous, he's in high spirits. What is this called? An
appointment, a vampyric business meeting, a date? I am not sure.

He talks his head off. I talk my head off - and find him funny. "Two glasses
of red wine, please." The ice is melting. It feels like we know each other
for a long time. In fact we don't know each other at all.

"Two glasses of red wine, please." We smoke too much. He's so enthusiastic!
His eyes are cornflowerblue. His teeth are too. Must be the red wine. "More
red wine, please." The first guests are leaving.
"What time is it?"
"I have no idea."
"What about another red wine?"
"Yes. Red wine and water."

"Red wine?"
"Yes. Red wine and um, coke!"
I am drunk.
"I guess I missed my client."
"So what", I say. We laugh. We are the last guests.
"Another red wine?"

They turn off the music, they switch off the lights. We are talking still.
It's almost three when I drive him back.

"Wanna come inside? For a glass of water?"
A glass of water? I agree. We are sitting on his bed. He shows me a book
where he is mentionend in. It's cold. I jitter. "That's incredible", he says
and gives me a hug. Energy-exchange? I don't care. It's four, I drive home.

A patrol car is overtaking. Stop!
"Did you drink?"
I consider to lie. Futile, I would speak with a slur.
"Yes. A glass of red wine."
"Driving licence, please."

I leave the car in the middle of the street. At the police station a doctor
takes a blood test. I have to walk on a white line. I am so tired!

I am rid of my driving licence.

February, 6th, 2002

Never For Ever
By Kate Bush